God Bless the United Shtashe

Following his speech on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, President Donald Trump made national headlines today. It wasn’t what he said, but how he said it. Judging by his more-than-usually funny way of speaking and the way he struggled to pronounce his words, it appears his bright smile may have had the help of some removable prosthodontics, or in other words, dentures! As I study for my upcoming Removable final, this incident is all too relevant.


It is hard to say which type of denture Mr. President is wearing, either because of my amateur knowledge I just crammed at lunch or because you can’t really tell unless you can examine the posterior teeth in relation to each other. He either has a non anatomic setup (flat plane teeth, not as esthetic), anatomic (cuspal occlusion aids in chewing), or semi anatomic (somewhere in between those 2 options.) There are advantages/disadvantages to each option depending on the amount of ridge resorption the patient has. This is assuming he is actually edentulous and is wearing a full over full. It’s also possible that he has a full dentate arch and one edentulous arch (I think this would be his maxillary since it looks like he is struggling to pull it back inside).

There are also different options for the material to fabricate the teeth. In the olden days, porcelain dentures were more popular, but now plastic dentures are more common. Although porcelain teeth are highly esthetic and wear resistant, they cause greater bite forces which accelerate resorption of the alveolar ridge, AKA the thing the dentures are sitting on. When these ridges resorb, the stability of the denture is compromised. If he is only wearing a maxillary denture and his mandibular teeth are natural, even more force is compressing his maxillary arch and causing it to resorb. This could be why Trump was having a hard time keeping them in. Maybe it’s time for a realignment?


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